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By the Numbers Again

This is an update to my post By the Numbers on April 19, 2009. I will say, just as I said then,

I know that numbers alone do not always measure impact and in this case none of the numbers really mean a hill of beans. (I am really put off by those twitterers who engage in contests to see who can get more people to follow them, for example.) Still, it’s fun to look at the numbers every so often.

So here’s an update:

442 – number of people following LBJnow twitter (at 479 followers, RonaldReagan40 has surpassed LBJnow. Follow lbjnow, follow lbjnow, please! I lied when I said I didn’t care! Of course it’s up to me to write more interesting tweets.)
339 – number of posts to the Texas Forums Blog since October 2006
1,451 – largest number of views of TF blog in one month
1.266 – number of Texas Forums photos online at Flickr
62 – number of videos uploaded to our site at youtube
749 – number of people on our newsletter list
6 – years of Texas Forums

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