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New Social Inquiry is a brand new academic journal, but they aren’t just any academic journal. Right on the front page they claim that they will be a different kind of academic journal. They will be publishing social research essays and relative works that are accessible to a wide audience, engaging and relevant for non-specialists, yet sophisticated and complex enough to push scholarship forward.

If the look and feel of their web site is any indication, I believe that they WILL be a different kind of academic journal!

New Social Inquiry

(BTW, what the heck is that thingy called anyway? I can’t remember, but the first person to post answer as a response here will get an LBJ 100 coffee mug.)

Their first publication will focus on public dialogue. Hey, “public dialogue”? That’s something that the readers of this blog (all three of you-I’m not counting the “guy” from Russia who keeps making offers I can definitely refuse!) are interested in. Here’s an excerpt from the guidelines for submission:

Is there such a thing as public dialogue, now or in the past? If so, who participates, who leads, and what forms does it take? If not, how can it realistically be realized? What are the main challenges to
establishing/maintaining public dialogue? What are good examples of public dialogue working in the world today?
What is/are the relationship(s) between public dialogue(s) and social inquiry(ies)?

Shotgun essays should be no longer than 1000 words–we said “short”, and we mean it.

The deadline is January 19, 2009.

So I’m mulling article ideas. Wouldn’t it be exciting to be published in the very first publication? Anyone want to co-author? Any story angles we should explore?

For more information, check out: http://www.newsocialinquiry.org/

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