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Workshop Description

The shifts in local democracy, the development of online media, and the economic realities facing media outlets today all portend great changes in the way journalists are educated and employed. How can we assess these factors and envision new roles for journalists in 21st Century democracy? Do colleges and universities have an expanded role to play as providers of high-quality, up-to-date information? How can journalism support deliberative democracy, both on and off campus? David Ryfe’s catalyst paper* on journalism will help to set up this session.

  • David Ryfe, University of Nevada at Reno
  • Cynthia Simmons, University of Washington

Check out the resources that David Ryfe compiled!

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Introducing our first two guest bloggers for the Tavis Smiley All-American Presidential Forums Watch Party on September 27.

Christina Shideler

Christina Shideler currently lives in Austin, Texas after recently spending a year working and living in France, where she learned a deeper love of her own country, language, and international politics. She is a poet, artist, and singer dedicated to not taking herself too seriously and always responding with a good joke. She currently works as a personal assistant to freelance writer Rod Amis (www.g21.net)

Paul Schumann

Paul Schumann is a futurist and innovation consultant. He helps people and their organizations discover future change and exploit that change through innovation. He was a guest blogger for the Democrat Presidential Forum Watch party and will be on hand to blog about the Republican Forum.

For more information about the watch party, download our flier or go to our Texas Forums web site.

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