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“Bring back the family doctor.”

“How about bringing back the family.”

“Individual freedom and individual responsibility for good health.”

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How do these candidates propose to change the disparaging statistics evident among people of color and their ability to acquire health-care

-Prevention is  more inexpensive

-managed care

-alternative health-care

-more market or more government

-health savings plans

-Don’t get sick!

Seems everyone has an opinion on this one but NONE of them seem to satisfy my concern that there is no REAL true and definite solution.

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“We don’t have a criminal problem in this country, we have a drug and alcohol problem, Most are in jail are there because they were drunk or on drugs, or they wanted money to get drugs or alcohol.”

“We need to have local justice. We should reinstate the Justice of the Peace system at the local level.”

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I am loving Liza’s chat room.


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“I thank God that we still have a country that people are trying to break into instead of breaking out of here.”

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“There is still racism in this country and we don’t have equal opportunity for all.”


“We need not only education but equal employment as well.”


“We still don’t have a color blind county.”


Economic growth is one of the building blocks to solve this problem.


Most of the solutions proposed don’t point to racism, but programs and policies that result in unemployment disproportionately

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There seems to be a common theme of reform of how laws and law enforcement are instituted or administered as it relates to African Americans.  There has been talk of ‘fair treatment’ in the justice system.  A comment has been made that if the quality of life is improved for African Americans in American that EVERYONE will benefit from their prosperity…..

I find it hard to buy into everything that each candidate has to say until I can measure not just their character but their integrity through their ACTIONS.  I am listening for someone to speak to ‘me’ in a way that allow me to believe what they say would actually line up with what they promise to do!

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We’ve been collecting lots of data and are holding forum on the Achievement Gaps so I’ve lived with lots of data showing disparities, but this was disturbing.

The rate of unemployment for Black high school graduates is 30% higher than for white high school dropouts.

How could you argue that race is not an issue?

Well, never mind. I stand corrected, Ron Paul. (oops, is my cynicism showing?)

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hello this is Silona from the league of technical voters…

And I still can’t expressed how shocked I am at the 4 major candidates that didn’t show. Not even a nod of respect to the black community.

We are talking FREE TV debate time. Racism is very much alive in this country. We can’t ignore this simple fact.

It is like when Clayton Williams decided he wasn’t gonna shake Ann Richard’s hand. It just isn’t done. It is rude. It isn’t how a president should behave – plain and simple.

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Most have spent time correcting the impression that Republican presidents since Lincoln left no legacy for blacks.

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